April 8th, 2008

Borat says Very Nice~!


Other works can be found here.


Words: 1,088
Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): Phoenix/Miles
Notes: Totally typed it into the text box. Written for the kink meme, with the original prompt here (which was about drowning). First P/E prompt filled out on Part 5. <3
Summary: He's pulled down deeper and deeper but the only ocean that's swallowing him is the ocean that belongs to those blue eyes...
Warning: None? Hobo!Nick. :/
Rated: PG

( He felt warm in that conjured moment of respite. )
Fuck it. Let&#39;s get hammered.

To Sell A Soul

Other works can be found here.

To Sell A Soul

Words: 1,075
Genre: Gen/Angst
Pairing(s): N/A
Notes: Totally typed it into the text box. Written for the kink meme, with the original prompt here and unfortunately, it's not what anon requested because smartypants (i.e. me) didn't read the whole prompt before typing the fic out. :( I will, however, respond with her actual prompt. Eventually. This is my lame headcanon. Enjoy if you could, please. D:
Summary: Paganini was not the only man to have sold his soul for beautiful art.
Warning: None? Hobo!Nick. :/
Rated: G

( He was a man of the arts. )

Phoenix/Iris/Pearl n00b Cosplay Help!

Okay, okay, I'm a total n00b, can't sew, and have always bought my things online. Life being the way it is, I didn't know whether I could or could not cosplay in FanimeCon in late May. Now I have a whole caravan and not a lot of time to ask for help! :D

So now I know. I want to go as Iris, but my hair isn't long enough so I need a wig. I don't know how to style a wig and I know Iris has no reference pics. I will probably go and get a quickly made Iris costume in a few weeks.

And I need a Phoenix wig for my boyfriend as well. (I will be probably getting one of the Phoenix ebay costumes unless someone has a better suggestion. Thrift stores are good for small things, and I will look for a suit... :3 I got my Franziska skirt at Goodwill.)

Also, anyone have any tips on how to do Pearl's hair using real hair? I have 3 little cousins doing the Fey girls... and Pearl is the hardest...

Thanks everyone!

I come with gifts!

So--Ahh--Hello everyone!
...I'll just skip right to the LJ icons ^_^ Three for now.

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They'll I'll get better, I promise.
take em', use em', abuse em'. All I ask for is a comment :)

And if I may ask, does anyone know where I can find some skins for The Sims 1? I've looked 'till I'm blue in the face but all I can dig up is Sims 2...*Hates being being the times*

Gyakuten-Not-Saiban revealed

Gyakuten Kenji
- DS
- Capcom
- No date yet
- The main characters are Miles and Dick
- You control Miles
- brand new systems

From this week's Famitsu. It's not GS5, but rather a spinoff.


Incidentally, it already has an English title.

Also! More information on April 20th. Probably a trailer of some sort.

Edit: To everyone saying April Fools, it's the 11th. Famitsu is weekly. Think about it. Also, the magazine has never done April Fools jokes and and the producer of the series has said there would be a Gyakuten Not Saiban game for months now. I even made a post about it before.

"Perfect Prosecutor" Pictures Up!

If this isn't conformation, I don't know what is. Here are screenshots of the upcoming Miles Edgeworth game.


It looks VERY different from the other GS games. You get to run little Edgeworth around.

And seriously, the freaking logo is amazing. Just look at his cravat~

I'm about ready to die of excitement, and I'm sure everyone else is feeling the same way. xD