Dr Ishida (dragonrider49) wrote in gyakuten_saiban,
Dr Ishida


Hi everyone! I would first like to say thank you for adding me to this commmunity. My name is Emma but here on the internet, I go by Dragonrider49. I got into Ace Attorney last year when I downloaded the demo for Duel Destinies, After that I was hooked. I started with Duel Destinies, then I found a copy of Apollo Justice and played that. I have recently just finsihed the trilogy and I am currently playing the first investigations. Since I have been a fan, I have started to accumulate some merchindise here and there.

I picked up a set of these phone charms! They are just so adorable.

As well as these plush. I think this is nearly all the ones released in Japan. The one one I don't have is the Steel Samurai.
If you can't see, they are:

Franiska von Karma, Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Godot, Miles Edgeworth, Collage Phoenix ( Feenie) and the Blue Badger. I also own a couple of the music cds- Namely Gyakutan Saiban meets Orchestra 2008.  I hope to get the large figure of Edgeworth and Wright at some point.

Thank you one again for accepting me into the community and I look forward tp meeting everyone! 

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