MP (militarypenguin) wrote in gyakuten_saiban,

Ace Attorney 6 trailer + anime

Alright, so we've got not just one, but two very big things on our hands!

Exhibit A: Ace Attorney 6 trailer released with English subs:

Exhibit B: We're finally getting an anime adaptation. Premieres April 2016!
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Holy sh*t! finally an anime adaption! i m so excited! i hope professor layton would get one too one day

as for the AA 6 trailer.. erm, i think they changed the VA for Naruhodo (Phoenix)?
ANIME ADAPTATION I hope it's nothing but filler. Filler episode where Maya and Phoenix go from one burger place to another, filler episode where Gumshoe teaches you all his best instant noodle recipes, filler where Edgeworth takes us through his wardrobe of cravats...

Reserving opinions on AA6 until info on other cases start dropping.
How are they not gonna put Maya in the trailer? She has to be in this game, right?!?!
Whoa finally an anime!