Hi everyone! I would first like to say thank you for adding me to this commmunity. My name is Emma but here on the internet, I go by Dragonrider49. I got into Ace Attorney last year when I downloaded the demo for Duel Destinies, After that I was hooked. I started with Duel Destinies, then I found a copy of Apollo Justice and played that. I have recently just finsihed the trilogy and I am currently playing the first investigations. Since I have been a fan, I have started to accumulate some merchindise here and there.

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Thank you one again for accepting me into the community and I look forward tp meeting everyone! 

Ace Attorney 6 announced; no word on Dai Gyakuten Saiban localization yet

Official Ace Attorney 6 site
Plot and gameplay overview including a new character, western localization confirmed

So where does that leave Dai Gyakuten Saiban, which has been out in Japan for two months now? A representative of Capcom France initially said there were no plans to localize it in the west, but has now taken that statement back and said there's no plans for now.
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The Truth Reborn (English) Musical project update

Hi guys!

For anyone who was interested in the Truth Reborn Musical project that helenvondrama posted about here, the forum had to be moved and we've had to start from scratch due to an error in the process :/. Sorry about the inconvenience! Please re-register to access the forums. Sadly we lost all our posts there as well but we had only made a bit of progress anyways ^^;;.

Here's the new forum:

We are still looking for chorus members for the first two numbers of the musical, which are the pieces we're starting with for now. We're also still looking for some instrumentalists and possibly another transcriber or two. I hope you'll join us :D.

I'll get in touch directly with the folks that responded to the earlier post in case they don't see this ^^;;.
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Ace Attorney Big Bang 2015

Schedule - Questions & Information - About Big Bang cheerleaders - Sign Ups - Big Bang on tumblr

Welcome to Ace Attorney Big Bang 2015!

Dates: Sign ups for writers open from now until March 31. Fics due Aug 1-Sept 20 2015.

Information for writers: We're for new fics and continuing fics alike. Just write 10,000 words or more. Visual novels, conversion of RP logs, and probably whatever else you can think of also welcome.

Information for artists, fanmixers and other visual creators: Your challenge is to create a work to stand alongside one of the fics. Sign ups run from now throughout summer 2015. Matching is from May 1 onwards.

Information for betas and cheerleaders: We couldn't do it without your help! Sign ups continue throughout the whole Big Bang. Join the challenge!

Weekly discussions every Friday. Not just for Big Bang participants. Come join us!
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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Kink Meme annual Wright-a-thon

It's soon time for WRIGHT-A-THON 2014 on the Phoenix Wright kink meme!


Fic, art, graphics, videos, or anything else you can think of. Kink, gen, femslash, het, slash all welcome.

Dates to be announced, but the last Wright-a-thon was 24-31 December. Dates now confirmed 26th - 31st December 2014. For more details from last year's click here.

The Phoenix Wright kink, since 2013 now on Dreamwidth. Follow it on LiveJournal through its daily newsletter at anon_press.