Froggy (froggie) wrote in gyakuten_saiban,

Art-Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth, PG-13, possibly NSFW

Have some art.

Title: Two of a Kind
Rating: PG-13?
Disclaimer: I do not own Phoenix Wright or any of its characters. (I don't even own the game... XD)
Notes: Phoenix/Edgeworth is my OTP. Seriously. Something about them is just inherently comforting.

I experimented with different mediums during this...started with a pencil sketch, did a sepia watercolor base, and them worked up to gouache, and then ink, and then more gouache...and then realized I was working it to death.

My "art-school-y" experimentation is showing in my porn, too. It's probably a good thing, though. I even took process photos out of habit. XD

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