Diagnosed (cloudsonvenus) wrote in gyakuten_saiban,

The Truth Reborn (English) Musical project update

Hi guys!

For anyone who was interested in the Truth Reborn Musical project that helenvondrama posted about here, the forum had to be moved and we've had to start from scratch due to an error in the process :/. Sorry about the inconvenience! Please re-register to access the forums. Sadly we lost all our posts there as well but we had only made a bit of progress anyways ^^;;.

Here's the new forum:

We are still looking for chorus members for the first two numbers of the musical, which are the pieces we're starting with for now. We're also still looking for some instrumentalists and possibly another transcriber or two. I hope you'll join us :D.

I'll get in touch directly with the folks that responded to the earlier post in case they don't see this ^^;;.
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