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Sup guys?

Recently I did some scans from my copy of the Gyakuten Saiban Reiji Mitsurugi Official Comic Anthology for a friend to highlight the absurdity of Capcom (didn't write it and didn't draw it, but oh how I love them for endorsing/publishing it) and figured the people here would probably enjoy them too.

They're, uh, not exactly high quality scans, but hey.

A page from Story Two

"Edgeworth battles a bear", part one
"Edgeworth battles a bear", part two
"Edgeworth battles a bear", part three
"Edgeworth battles a bear", part four

Actually scanned the entirety of the story below:

Sad Miles In Rain, part one
Sad Miles In Rain, part two
Sad Miles In Rain, part three
Sad Miles In Rain, part four
Sad Miles I--Wait No He's Getting Attacked By A Pair of Crazed Feys, part five
When Feys Attack, part six
Assault Victim Miles In Lake, part seven
Incredulous Miles On Couch, part eight
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